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Meet the Team

Established in 2019 by Elizabeth Kennedy, Otranto House is a small independent publisher based in Manchester, UK.

Driven by her passion for horror and crime stories, Otranto House has focused on these genres from the start and originally sought to produce books for young adult readers. Since then, it has evolved to include narratives that are suited for mature audiences, as well as fans of fantasy, adventure, and science fiction stories.

Elizabeth has an undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing and a Master's in Publishing. Alongside Lydia Grace, Elizabeth wrote the young adult murder mystery Five Dead Blondes, Otranto House's first book which was published in October 2019. Elizabeth has also contributed to The Disciples of Belial, a project that was written by six authors exploring themes of Satanic Panic and the repercussions of the spread of misinformation online.

Josie Calvert has also been part of the Otranto House team since 2021, starting as an intern as she finished her MA in Publishing. Initially assisting with editorial work, Josie started to take on more responsibility with marketing and events. She is also a keen horror fan and enjoys writing in her spare time.

Both Josie and Elizabeth are excited to see what the future holds for Otranto House, and for the opportunity to work with some fantastic authors along the way. They want to help bring these stories to life for like-minded readers who love tales of terror, thrilling mysteries, and escaping into other worlds that are hidden within the pages of great books!

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