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'Rise up, for the ideal you awaits...'


This is the mantra of the Phoenix Health and Fitness organization. A mantra that speaks to people around the world. Kindred spirits. One community. One family.


However, others aren't so sure that the company's true agenda is as wholesome as encouraging self-care and a positive outlook on life.  When a young woman goes missing in Mexico, online sleuths begin to connect the dots between this tragedy and similar circumstances around the country. Is Phoenix Health and Fitness the front for a sinister cult? Or are people fitting these tragedies into a fantastical narrative?


Told through diary entries, interview transcripts, blog entries, and newspaper articles The Disciples of Belial weaves a tale of paranoia and fear - but are these feelings unfounded?

The Disciples of Belial

  • Written by H.K. Smith, Jessica Allen, Emma Whitehall, Imogen Tomlinson, Jacob Wingate-Bishop and Elizabeth Kennedy

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