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When teenager Stephen Banks meets Faith Loxley on a night out, he finds himself drawn into the small community of travellers to which Faith and her twin brother Thomas belong. It is a very different way of life to the one Stephen knows and wants to escape from, but there are stranger revelations to come.


Since childhood, Faith and Thomas have been aware of a hidden side to Nature. As they have grown older this awareness has darkened, leaving them feeling cast out from the world around them. When Thomas accepts the help of a gruff, old man he meets at a nearby stone circle, he is tricked and instead falls prey to a demonic power that slowly takes him over.


When tragedy strikes, Faith and Stephen attempt to uncover the cause. For Stephen this leads him on a terrifying journey into the realm of elemental forces where he learns the shocking truth of Faith’s and Thomas’s power. Faith meanwhile, torn between the human and superhuman sides of her nature, finally confronts the evil that has possessed her brother and is reaching out to claim her too: a demon long since forgotten from their childhood called the Shadow Man.


Recommended reading age 16+


Kindle version can be purchased here for £1.99



The Shadow Man

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