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In the desolate wastelands of Triathica, a clockwork android lives out her days toiling in the copper mines. Unlike the other Mecha creations surrounding her, she has the ability to think, to hope, and to dream. Although her life appears to be nothing more than constant drudgery, one day she discovers a mystical item that has the power to show her visions of her innermost desires. She is soon visited by an ethereal being, who shares with her the prophecy of the Paradigm and her role within it.


After meeting her fated allies, blue-winged fighter Warhog and wily pirate Salvador, the clockwork child begins her quest to travel through the legendary EchoWorlds, racing against and evading Black Skull, a might Scaelix warrior determined to rule the EchoWorlds with his dark forces.


EchoWorlds: Redemption of the Paradigm, is the first part of an epic adventure trilogy that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Recommended reading age: 12+

EchoWorlds: Redemption of the Paradigm

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