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Welcome to the House of Horror

Otranto House is made for those who love horror fiction, chilling tales of crime, mind-bending sci-fi, and escaping into fantasy worlds Do you love getting lost in a good book? Are you a reader who likes dark stories? Or getting gripped by an epic adventure? If so, you’ve come to the right place. As an independent publisher, we want to share our passion for these genres and our love of reading with like-minded people and bringing them together with truly wonderful storytellers. If you’re looking for a murder mystery, you might enjoy our YA thriller Five Dead Blondes. Cash and Daisy are two students at Thorncliffe College and move in different circles. Cash struggles to look after his mum and baby sister at home, while Daisy is haunted by a traumatic event at a house party that her friends wish she would forget. When young blonde women from their local town start showing up dead, they come together to try and figure out who is behind the killings. For a folk horror feel with a hint of Stephen King vibes, you might prefer The Shadow Man. At the turn of the 21st century, Stephen Banks meets the captivating Faith and Thomas Loxley and their nomadic band of friends on a night out. This chance meeting opens Stephen’s eyes to a new way of life, and he quickly bonds with these colourful characters. However, it’s not just their unconventional lifestyle that makes Faith and Thomas different. Their sensitivity to the powers of nature and what lies beyond the veil of our reality is both beautiful and deadly, as the dark force of The Shadow Man haunts them. Tragedy is on the horizon, and the fallout from these events will linger for them into adulthood. Fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure might like to escape into the EchoWorlds, following the journey of the Clockwork Child as she races against Black Skull to find the pieces of the Paradigm – a mystical object that will show anyone who holds it their innermost desire, and has the power to build and destroy civilisations. This epic quest is fun for adults and young readers alike. It is full of quirky characters and stunning worlds, starting in Triathica in EchoWorlds Volume One: Redemption of the Paradigm. Otranto House loves bringing these stories to readers, but we also want to discover and nurture new writing talent. We love working with authors who spin tales of the macabre, whose writing builds tension to a fever pitch, and who are excellent world builders. If you are interested in working with us on your novel, novella, or a collection of short stories, you can find more information on our submissions page. Explore our collection and discover stories that will keep you hooked from start to finish, whether it’s full of ghosts and ghouls, a crazed killer, or a journey through a mysterious and magical universe.

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